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GoGreen – Expansion of a natural biotope

By 24. August 2021No Comments


Lived initiative for sustainability

As part of the expansion of our company headquarters, more than 13,000 broadleaved woody plants were planted as young trees and shrubs at the Gochsheim at Hexenhügel site and on the edge of the Gochsheimer Oberholz on two ecological compensation areas having a total surface area exceeding 2 ha.

The following tree species were planted: sessile oak, European hornbeam, common beech, winter and summer linden tree, field maple, wild service tree, true service tree and sweet cherry. In the first years, a game fence prevents forest dwellers from biting the trees. In the outer forest mantle, wild shrubs like hazelnut, goat willow, elderberry, wild roses, hawthorn, common dogwood, European spindle, privet and the wayfaring tree were used.

A flower-rich meadow mixture was sown outside of fence. In the first years, the rootstocks serve animals as hiding places, nesting opportunities and forage. Rootstocks and the topsoil were transferred to the reforestation area from a formerly forested area. The soil contains plant parts, seeds, soil animals, fungal spores, mycelia and microorganisms too like forest soil bacteria. This should support the development of soil fauna and vegetation typical of the forest.