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According to our customers' individual desires and demands, we offer a large variety of fruit and vegetable products for further processing into various final products. Among many other customers, we supply products to the beverage and liquor industry, ice-cream and dairy producers, the confectionery and bakery industry, renowned baby food manufacturers, the health and diet food sector as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.On the following pages we present our product range.


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  • Juice Concentrate

    Fruit or vegetable juice concentrate is gained by evaporating the water from the fruit or vegetable juice.

  • Juice Esters

    Juice Esters are regained by destillation of the evaporated water from the production process of juice concentrates.

  • Puree

    Purees are made by straining fruit and vegetables with sieves.

  • Puree Concentrate

    Puree concentrates are made by partially evaporating water out of purees.

  • Preparation

    A preparation is a mixture of fruit or vegetables with other ingredients added. Depending on the final use there are the following types: Base, syrup, sauce, cocktail or preparation with pieces.

  • Deep frozen

    Frozen food is produced by blast-freezing fresh, sorted fruit.

Juice Concentrate

Juice Esters


Puree Concentrate


Deep frozen

European Fruit


Malus domestica
August to November
Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Streuobst, Elstar


Prunus armeniaca
June to July
Hungarian Best ("Ungarische Beste"), Valenciano, Beliana


Aronia melanocarpa
August to September
Aron, Nero, Viking


Pyrus communis
July to October
Williams Christ, Abate, Limonera, Conférence


Rubus fruticosus
Thornfree, Cheyenne, Black Satin


Fragaria x ananassa
June to July
Camarosa, Senga Sengana, Allstar, Tioga, Elsanta, Honeyone


Rosa spp.
August to November
Rosa Canina


Vaccinium myrtillus
June to September
Wild fruit


Rubus idaeus
June to October
Willamette, Polana, Meeker


Sambucus nigra
May to June
Wild fruit


Sambucus nigra
August to September
Sampo, Haschberg, Fränzi, Wild Fruit


Cucumis melo
June to August
Yellow Honeydew, Doree, Melody, Cantaloupe


Ribes rubrum
June to August
Red Lake, Stanza, Rotet, Heinemann


Ribes nigrum
July to August
Fertöder 1, Lissil, Tsema, Titiana, Ben Lomond

Yellow Plum

Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca
July to September
Mirabelle von Nancy, Mirabelle aus Metz, Flotows Mirabelle

Wild Cranberry

Vaccinium macrocarpon
July to September
Wild fruit


Prunus persica
June to August
Sun Sevilla, Redhaven, Royal April


Prunus domestica
July to October
Cacaks Frühe, Sanctus Hubertus, Opal, Felsina, Stanley, Pozegca, Hauszwetschge


Vaccinium vitis-idaea
August to October
Wild fruit


Cydonia oblonga
September to November
Ronda, Radonia, Vranja, Meech's Prolific

Sea Buckthorn

Hippophae rhamnoides
August to October
Chuskaja, Novost Altaja, Syrijanka

Sour Cherry

Prunus Cerasus
June to September
Safir, Fanal, Topas, Morello Cherry


Prunus spinosa, Rosaceae
October to November

Sweet Cherry

Prunus avium
June to September
Nalina, Valeska, Johanna


Prunus domestica
July to October
Prune d'Agen, Pocogaza


Citrullus Ianatus
July to September
Sugar Baby, Crimson Sweet, HoneyHeart

Exotic Fruit


Ananas comosus
Philippinen, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Ecuador
all over the year
Cayenne, Spanish, Abacaxi, Coarse Crush, Queen Victoria


Musa spp.
all over the year


Rubus loganobaccus
December to January


Phoenix dectylifera
all over the year
Hayani, Barhi, Sphinx, Samani, Zagoul, Sayer


Ficus carica
May to October, main harvesting period from August until October
Sari Lob

Golden Kiwi

Actinidia Chinensis Planch. Var. Chinensis "hort 16A"
June to October (New Zealand), December to February (Italy)


Punica granatum
September to December
Mollar, Israelitas, Zehri, Selemi


Psidium guajava
all over the year
Paluma, Rica, Ogawa vermelha, Ruby, Red Indian, Blitch, Rolfs, Webber, Beaumont, Pink Acid, Ka Hua Kula, Fan Retief, Hafsi, Lucknow

Prickly Pear

Opuntia ficus-indica
all over the year
Gialla, Bianca, Rossa, Sanguigna, Ofer, BS1, Orly, Algerian, Castillo, Direkteur, Alfajayucan, Burrona, Cardona


Actinidia deliciosa var. deliciosa
June to October (New Zealand), December to February (Italy)


Cocos nucifera
all over the year
no traded by types, e.g. Poha Berry, Golden Berry


Litchi chinensis
November to September
Tai So, Haak Yip


Mangifera indica
June to August (India), June to September (Central America)
about 3000 Types, mainly Totapuri, Alphonso, Haden, Uba, Kesar, Chato de Ica, Thommy Atkins, Criollo

Passion Fruit

Passiflora spp.
July to September
Purpurgranadilla, yellow Granadilla, sweet Granadilla, Giant Granadilla


Carica papaya
all over the year
Solo, Sunrise, Kapoho, Waimanalo, Sunset, Higgins, Wilder

Citrus Fruit

Blood Orange

Citrus sinensis
Winter half year
Doblefina, Maltaise Sanguine, Moro, Sanguinelli, Sanguinello, Tarocco, Tomango, Washington Sanguine


Citrus x paradisi
Autumn to early summer
Duncan, Marsh


Citrus aurantifolia, Citrus x latifolia
July to September
Key Lime


Citrus reticulata
October to August


Citrus sinensis
December to March, Brazil: July to September
Ambersweet, Belladonna, berna, Cadenera, Castellana, Delta Seedless, Hamlin, Midknight, Natal, Ovale, Pera, Pineapple, Salustiana, Shamouti, Trovita, Valencia


Citrus limon
all over the year, December to April, April to August
Primofiori, Erna



Pisum Sativum
June until the end of August
Split Pea


Cucumis sativus
July to September
East Asian Cucumber

Carrot (orange, yellow, red, black)

Daucus carota ssp. sativus
August to November
Karotan, Kazan


Cucurbita sp.
End of August
Sunburst, Mandarin, Wee B Little, Hokkaido, Butternut


Allium ampeloprasum
June, September to November, December to March
Sabina, Nepal, Arial


Zea Mays
Mid April until beginning of May
Kadenz, Marcello, Sileno

Pepper (yellow, green, red)

Capsicum annum
July to October
California Wonder, Yolo Wonder, Clovis


Pastinaca sativa
October to March
"Halblange Weiße", White Diamond, Gladiator


Petroselinum crispum
June to October
Titan, Napoli Giants, Italian


Rheum rhabarbarum
April to July
"Holsteiner Blut", Frambozen Rood, Giant

Red Beet

Beta vulgaris
October to November


Lactuca sativa
June to September
Butterhead, Iceberg


Apium graveolens
September to November


Asparagus officinails
April to May
Ravel, Mondeo


Spinacia oleracea
June to September
Ohio, Misano, Emilia


Lycopersicon esulentum
July to October
Evergreen, Schwarzer Prinz, Black Krim, Pomodoro


Helianthus tuberosus
October to May
Topstar, "Gute Gelbe"

White Beet

Beta vulgaris albina vereduna
August to October

Zucchini / Courgette

Cucurbita pepo var. giromontiina
June to October
Lungo, Fiorention, Eightball

Special preparations

Amarena Cherries

A traditional Italian ice cream speciality based on marinated sour cherries.

Our Amarena preparations with or without pieces provide the typical

characteristics like almond flavor and dark red color.

Apple variations

We produce a variety of different preparations out of apples. By use of butter, caramel, vanilla and cinnamon flavors, we create typical apple applications like the German "fried apple", French "tarte tatin", Austrian "apple strudel" and many more. Other examples are red or green apple, apple with Calvados and combinations of apple and other fruits which result in pleasant tasting blends.

Cocktail concepts

We transfer the recipes of well-known alcoholic drinks into fruit preparations or sauces, e.g. Caipirinha, Limoncello, Piña Colada, plum in Armagnac, mulled wine ("Glühwein").

Dietetic products

Specific preparations for diets, such as sugar reduced

or allergen free preparations

Ethniographic concepts

We provide flavors which are characteristic for certain region or countries,

such as Asian, Mexican, Arabic or Indian taste. Examples: strawberry-ginger,

lime-Tequila, rose flavor, banana-curry.


The combination of some fruit with caramel flavors result in smooth

and sweet varieties. Especially recommended for apple and pear.

Spicy variations

Fruits combined with spices provide well-known and fascinating new taste profiles, such as pineapple-clove, apple-vanilla, strawberry-ginger, spicy orange, plum-cinnamon, sour cherry-chili.

Honey compositions

Smooth honey sauces provide cost advantages and facilitated handling compared to pure honey. Special varieties like forest honey or lavender honey are available.

Coffee compositions

Coffee-based sauces as toppings or ripple can be provided in different varieties like espresso or cappuccino.

Rum compositions

A traditional ingredient for the "Malaga" ice cream: rum raisins. Also available: rum marinated fruit pieces.

Blackforest cherry

Preparations for the traditional German ice variety "Schwarzwälder Kirsch" (Blackforest cherry), based on sour cherries and cherry schnapps.

Vitamins and health ingredients

Our innovation center creates a wide variety of ingredients to add nutritional value to our preparations, such as vitamins (also multivitamin and ACE concepts), carotene, lycopene, minerals, omega-3, fibres, green tea, ginseng, aloe vera, guarana and many others.


Once again, a traditional German ice cream variety with a characteristic green color and specific taste, based on a herb growing in the forest during springtime. We provide preparations and sauces which reflect the typical characteristics of woodruff.

Tropical fruits

A wide variety of exotic fruit is available for tropical product concepts (see exotic fruit product list). On your request, we also preprare blends of different exotic fruit for individual recipes.

We don’t compare apples and oranges.
Every fruit is different and requires a processing
method designed for its special features.

Our partners trust in quality

Products of Grünewald International can be found in confectionary products, beverages / spirits, ice-cream, baby food, dairy products as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetical products.