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the product line

Whether for beverages, spirits, ice cream, or dairy products – we offer to our customers a wide selection of highquality fruit and vegetable components which can be further processed in the most varied finished products. In this way, for example, candy and bakery goods, baby food, health and diet foods, dressings, pharmaceutical or cosmetic products get a distinctive, natural flavor.

We look forward to your inquiry and will be pleased to develop the customized solution that suits your needs.

…Nature inspires.

Despite their diversity, all of our products have one thing in common – their natural origin and outstanding quality.

Whether juices, purees or concentrates, frozen fruit, fruit preparations, natural colorings and flavorings – everything is carefully manufactured with modern technology and is subject to ongoing controlling.

Our customers appreciate our philosophy as well: they come from the drink and liquor industry, the ice cream and dairy product industries, the sweet and baked goods industry, the baby foods industry, the health and diet industry and the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Ice cream

Drink and


Baby foods


Baked goods

Dairy product

Direct Juice NFC

Fruit or vegetable direct juice is produced by pressing the raw material only. It is not re-diluted from juice concentrate (NFC – not from concentrate).

Juice Concentrate

Fruit or vegetable juice concentrate is gained by evaporating the water from the fruit or vegetable juice.

Juice Esters

Juice Esters are regained by destillation of the evaporated water from the production process of juice concentrates.


Purees are made by straining fruit and vegetables with sieves.

Puree Concentrate

Puree concentrates are made by partially evaporating water out of purees.


A preparation is a mixture of fruit or vegetables with other ingredients added. Depending on the final use there are the following types: Base, syrup, sauce, cocktail or preparation with pieces.

Deep frozen

Frozen food is produced by blast-freezing fresh, sorted fruit.

Your specialist for frozen fruits and frozen vegetables

We don’t compare apples and oranges.
Every fruit is different and requires a processing
method designed for its special features.