Grünewald Fruchtsaft, Mainfrucht, Mainfranken Kühlhaus, Ernteband Fruchtsaft, Pomerania Frucht, Agrotex and Podgorina Frucht are all legally independent from each other and form one of the biggest and renowned groups in the European fruit processing industry: Grünewald International.

In our company-owned laboratories our qualified personnel ensures continuity and the highest level in food processing.


A new industrial master at Grünewald

GRÜNEWALD INTERNATIONAL We congratulate our colleague, Mr. Michael Kaltenbacher, on his graduation to industrial master for fruit juice and beverages. In the…

News from the Grünewald Academy: Successful completion of the purchasing management diploma program

GRÜNEWALD INTERNATIONAL We sincerely congratulate our colleague Mr. Jürgen Lernpaß for having completed his purchasing management diploma program. This training was completed…

Help for Ukraine

GRÜNEWALD INTERNATIONAL War is raging in the heart of Europe and many people are on the escape and need help.…

Gleanings from the FI Food Ingredients

GRÜNEWALD INTERNATIONAL   The Fi Food Ingredients Europe took place this year in Frankfurt am Main from November 30 to…

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