Sustainability and environmental stewardship is at the very core of Grünewald International's corporate philosphy

The Grünewald Group as a family managed company assumes its responsibility as a part of the international community to promote the development in preserving resources for future generations. Under the heading "GoGreen" Grünewald International has developed an action plan to make the cultivation of fruits and vegetables all the way to the processing reclaimable. The aim is not only to receive a sustainable proof of production but also to achieve an integrated change of the delivery and production chain. In a cooperative partnership with the farmers directly at the growing regions Grünewald International follows this aim to realize and continously improve a more environmentally conscious, social and economical behavior with regards to our environment from the growing of the plants up  to the processing of the fruits and vegetables.

Due to our close connection to the farming industry,
we feel very passionate about preserving resources and
operating in a sustainable fashion. We make a contribution
to preserve our environment for future generations. 

Ecology - Sustainable Cultivation

Grünewald International is intensely working together with the farmers in the growing regions and conducts info events and training courses which establish the basis of a resources preserving cultivation. In addition, Grünewald International performs different programs together with agricultural experts with the aim of reaching a sustainable added value chain. Together with suppliers and university facilities Grünewald International elaborates specific biodiversity plans for the particular regions to preserve the diversity of species of birds and bees.

Economy - Sustainable economic activity

Due to the close colaboration with the suppliers Grünewald International guarantees the high quality of our products. The support of agricultural experts and the implementation of new procedures form the basis to break new and innovative ground for the growth of fruits and vegetables.

Community - social sustainability

The topic of sustainability centers the Grünewald Group at initiatives which take place in the growing regions. We have created our own program called "Responsibility for our environment" which is presented at schools and communities. Grünewald International campaigns for a sustainable economic activity so that our children have a stable basis to self-actualize in a sound and succesful fashion.